About us

Supported living for people with complex mental health needs

Overseen by four directors with more than 35 years’ experience in the NHS mental health and business sector, we are a leading social care provider offering supported living services for people with complex mental health needs. Our goal is to help people live independent lives through the delivery of bespoke care packages, backed by supported housing options.

All four of our directors are Registered Mental Health Nurses (RMN) and we employ additional RMN to better manage often complex referrals, including referrals from inpatient settings, low and medium secure settings, prisons and from within the local community. Our nurse-led service allows for a greater understanding of mental health issues and medication requirements, and this enables us to manage people with higher risk needs.

Given our RMN status we often attract healthcare funding to provide support for people who are subject to section 117 aftercare, following compulsory detention to hospital under Section 3 MHA. For adults with severe and enduring mental illness, we aim to facilitate discharges from hospital, with referrals undertaken by our RMN team.

At SIS (Solutions in Service), we adopt a holistic approach to supporting individuals in all aspects of community living; we promote recovery and growth; and we help individuals to develop their own living skills, with support as they transition into more independent living. When providing homes, we secure tenancies in the name of the individual, then offer support to ensure each tenancy is maintained and all daily support needs are met.

Working alongside our partners, Fairhome Care, we have expanded our services to under-represented areas of the North West. We can provide high quality living accommodation, along with support links for mental health services – reducing relapses and lengthy hospital admissions.